Publish Date: 04-17-2006 4:10 p.m.
Review Date: 04-17-2006 4:10 p.m.
Title: Eva Nell Hunter
Testimonial Date: 04-17-2006
Body Copy: I'm so glad that I learned about KAPCO years ago and encourage other librarians to begin using it. I cannot think of any product or company for whom I can endorse so wholeheartedly.

About ten years ago at a library conference I observed a KAPCO representative cover a paperback book. After showing it to our library team who had been struggling with taping the corners and spines of paperbacks, they refused to use anything but KAPCO. In the years since, our library covers all paperbacks with KAPCO Easy Covers. Barcode and spine labels are placed on the books before the covers. After almost 50 years in library work and repairing books, I've found that premending with KAPCO prevents needed repair. KAPCO all of your paperbacks.
Name of Person: Eva Nell Hunter
Company Name: Central Baptist Church
City: Decatur
State: AL