Publish Date: 04-17-2006 4:20 p.m.
Review Date: 04-17-2006 4:20 p.m.
Title: Yvette Donahue-Duffy
Testimonial Date: 04-17-2006
Body Copy: Since 1988 we have used Easy Covers® by KAPCO and have not used any other product to cover our paperbacks. The quality of this product is far superior to covers we have tried in the past. Application of Easy Covers is fast and easy, the clarity of the covers enhances the books aesthetic value, paperbacks are stronger and the non-acidic adhesive will not crack or yellow. Attractiveness, durability and an extended circulating life are all assets to any library collection and are qualities I look for in any processing product I choose for our library.

A few years back we also began using Easy Bind® polyester repair tape to reinforce loose hinges on both paperbacks and hardbacks and more recently Clear Vinyl Label Protectors to protect spine labels on hardbacks; both are wonderful products as well.
Name of Person: Yvette Donahue-Duffy
Company Name: Dayton Metro Library
City: Dayton
State: OH