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Case History 2 VHB

Successful method of processing (slitting & die-cutting) 3M VHB tape.

- Must have space between parts for easy removal from common liner.
- Liner must be flush with adhesive along three sides for precise alignment.
- Parts must have extended liner along one edge.
- Part must dispense via automated application equipment without errors to reduce application time.
- Top liner must be a 3M printed liner for confidence by end user.
- Current 3M distributor must continue to supply parts.
- Reduce cost for electronics industry.

Kapco created an extended liner on the original 3M liner by removing a small amount of the 3M 4936 VHB adhesive. Then, by use of a proprietary method of die-cutting the tape, a space was created without the traditional matrix surrounding the part. This method reduced the traditional material consumption by approximately 35%.

Kapco was also able to supply automated dispensing equipment for the die-cut parts by working with an equipment manufacturer--another win-win situation and VHB success story.

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