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PowerTabs™ - Adhesive Grommet Tabs

Available in two sizes. Same qualities of Banner Ups® but 20% stronger. Designed for virtually any banner fabric, Coroplast®, Foamcore® and paper. Both sizes available in White and Clear. Sold in packages of 100.

  • Inexpensive alternative to Grommets
  • Wind Tunnel Tested--Banner Intact up to 78 mph mounted parallel to wind and 58 mph transverse to wind
  • Use additional tabs along sign edges--especially for banners more than 6’ in length--every 3’ along top and bottom edges of banner
  • Pre-wipe vinyl banners with alcohol
  • Temperature range for tab application is 50° to 120° F; after application, effective use range is 0° to 120° F
  • Cut off loop if not needed
  • Use with grommet for super strength
  • Lay banner face down toapply PowerTabs at all four courners to the “underside” half of the tab first and then fold over the top half
  • Indoor/Light Duty Outdoor--PowerTabs with Rope attached through the Corner Loop or Mini Power Tabs
  • Heavy Outdoor--banners up to 8’--PowerTabs with Rope through Center Hole
  • Maximum Strength--PowerTabs & PowerTape

“I just wanted to let you know how much we love the Crystal Clear PowerTabs! As a small shop we could never justify the expense of a grommet machine, and we were so excited when we learned out about Banner Ups! They are super easy to use, and you can't beat clear! We've never looked back since. Thanks again for helping us stay ahead of the competition!”
- Nathan Davey, Laser Images

"I made a banner for my son's football team with PowerTabs and PowerTape. Another father had done the same thing and claimed that his banner was better because it had grommets. He was skeptical when I told him that his banner was not nearly as strong as mine. That very day a thunderstorm came through and his banner came right down. You don't have to sell me on PowerTabs and PowerTape!"
- Vince Tuccitto, Printing Finishing Solutions, Inc.

"I would not sell a banner without including Banner Ups PowerTabs. PowerTabs have enabled us to sell banners without worry of their corners tearing, giving us confidence in our outdoor banner products. They don't come back. Thanks."
- Troy D. Larsen, President / Owner, Windy City Arts, Inc

  2500P Powertabs 100 pcs per pkg
(1 lbs./Package)
1+ Package
  2500P/CLEAR Powertabs Crystal Clear 100 pcs/pkg
(1 lbs./Package)
1+ Package
  2500P/MINI Powertabs Mini 100 pcs per pkg
(1 lbs./Package)
1+ Package
  2500P/MINI/CLEAR Powertabs Clear Mini 100 pcs/pkg
(1 lbs./Package)
1+ Package

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