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Take a look at what our customers think about Kapco Book Protection…

I love KAPCO products! They do the job and it is so easy! I like to repair books when the repair looks good and KAPCO helps me do just that.
Karen Russell
Dunbar Middle School and Alderson Middle School, Lubbock TX

The lady who did our workshop was great; she had a fine sense of humor and was very knowledgeable about the product she was using. It was apparent she had been doing it for awhile and was realistic about what works and what doesn’t. She was easy to listen to, and didn’t rush on to other things if we had questions. Time limits on these workshops sometimes keeps us from getting to everything on the “list”. I went to another book repair workshop a few years ago, and it just didn’t apply to my book repair situation--this one on the other hand did. So I would be glad to attend another.
Virginia Vis
Jasper County Public Library, Demotte IN

The Easy Bind® tape will change the book repair process! Not only is it more attractive and hardly noticeable on the repaired book, it is EASY, QUICK and DURABLE!
Jamie Jones
Rensselaer Public Library, Rensselaer IN

Our KAPCO presenter was absolutely fantastic. She answered questions before we could ask them. Not a person in our group wanted the session to end. We can hardly wait to begin using these great products.
Linda Thompson
Wheatfield Public Library, Wheatfield IN

I loved the scissors and the fact they don't get sticky with the label gum.
Bonnie Niksch
Merrillville Community School Corp., Merrillville IN

[KAPCO offers an] interesting and informative way to look at covering and fixing old books.
Cheryl Smith
Marion Public Library, Marion IN

[KAPCO's workshops are a] wonderful way to get [their] products out to the public. [The workshops provide a hands-on experience using their book repair and preservation materials.] By using them and learning about them they take on a whole new meaning in terms of ways to make use of KAPCO products. Their presenter was fantastic--engaging and informative. A delight!
Gretchen Leuenberger
Wabash Valley Educational Center, West Lafayette IN

Your products taught me new and easy ways to make my books last longer...
Christine Turner
Central Elementary School, Mabank TX

I enjoyed the presenter's practical approach to repair and protection. She has a good grasp of what libraries can do on our limited budgets.
Amanda Goshey
Burleson Public Library, Burleson TX

As a school librarian, I often find books in need of repair. Now I know some targeted areas I can apply proven prevention, too! The workshop truly equipped me to repair books in my early childhood school library!
Nancy Jo Lambert
Frisco ISD Early Childhood School, Frisco TX

I truly enjoyed the workshop and learning how to properly use your products. I didn't understand the point of acid-free until the workshop; your products are great!
JoAnn Ackley
Southside Elementary School, Mabank TX

Thank you for the wonderful workshop at O'Gorman Junior High School in Sioux Falls. I placed my order last week and found the order procedure easy and the turnaround time from order to delivery was very quick. I am pleased with the product and will continue to use your company as book repair and protection items are needed.
Denise Moore
O'Gorman Junior High School Library, Sioux Falls SD

The book repair workshop was so good! We ordered a ton of the KAPCO covers and our paperbacks look awesome! I covered a paperback book in October. It was checked out over 25 times between October and June by little Kinder and 1st grade students and it is still in great shape! I wish I could say the same for another paperback book that was never covered. It’s only been checked out a few more times than the other one and the corners are a wreck. AND-another bonus to the covers-once you put on the spine labels and barcode labels and cover the books you never have to replace those labels. They are protected forever. No more peeling off stickers and scrubbing at a sticky mess.
Kelsey DeBord
Orange Grove Primary, Orange Grove TX

(SUNY finds an alternative to pamphlet binders . . . Easy Cover® II Self Adhesive Covers)
KAPCO has been a big help, not only from the standpoint of visibility, but also in speed in getting things on the shelf—no longer waiting for pam binders to dry and no more label making for all those items. I love your product, it certainly makes our area much more attractive and that keeps items circulating.

We also use KAPCO label protectors and have not had the problems other libraries have had with fading.
Coleen Hopkins
Milne Library, State University of New York, Geneseo NY

Kinkeade Early Childhood School is a Pre-Kindergarten school. All of my students have daily access to the library. With decreasing budgets, it is wonderful to have a product like Kapco covers to give my books a little more shelf life. The wear and tear of four-year-olds is unpredictable, you never know what will happen to a book, but with Kapco, I know the covers will be protected.
Kristi K. Betts
Kinkeade Early Childhood School, Irving TX

At the Neenah Joint School District our volunteers over the last 12 years have covered over 50,000 paperbacks with Kapco (book covers) and we have been extremely pleased with the ease of application and the level of protection given to our investment. With the help of Kapco covers and the extended book life they provide, we have been able to amass a collection of over 1,800 different classroom set titles for our students to use. Thanks Kapco!
John Lautenschalger
Shattuck Middle School, Neenah WI

(The response to KAPCO covers following a literacy presentation given by Tunie)
The FIRST question that came up following the book pass was the origin and method of covering the book the person was holding. I thought this was rather humorous since first questions usually relate to read-aloud style, sources for the books, etc., but here was the first time I had access to the product and that is what prompted the query.... I could hardly believe it! I had been excited to find this alternative to homemade remedies for heavy use as well as hardcovers, and I did think there would be interest, but even I was surprised by the level of enthusiasm!

I really believe in your product! It provides people with options to have the work done (books purchased pre-covered with KAPCO Easy Cover® II through wholesalers) or to do it themselves. I really do consider my new knowledge about the KAPCO materials one of the best finds of any of the conferences where I’ve presented. What a resource for the real world of much-used books!
Tunie Munson-Benson
The Early Bird Project, Minnetonka MN

Since 1988 we have used Easy Covers® by KAPCO and have not used any other product to cover our paperbacks. The quality of this product is far superior to covers we have tried in the past. Application of Easy Covers is fast and easy, the clarity of the covers enhances the books aesthetic value, paperbacks are stronger and the non-acidic adhesive will not crack or yellow. Attractiveness, durability and an extended circulating life are all assets to any library collection and are qualities I look for in any processing product I choose for our library.

A few years back we also began using Easy Bind® polyester repair tape to reinforce loose hinges on both paperbacks and hardbacks and more recently Clear Vinyl Label Protectors to protect spine labels on hardbacks; both are wonderful products as well.
Yvette Donahue-Duffy
Dayton Metro Library, Dayton OH

I'm so glad that I learned about KAPCO years ago and encourage other librarians to begin using it. I cannot think of any product or company for whom I can endorse so wholeheartedly.

About ten years ago at a library conference I observed a KAPCO representative cover a paperback book. After showing it to our library team who had been struggling with taping the corners and spines of paperbacks, they refused to use anything but KAPCO. In the years since, our library covers all paperbacks with KAPCO Easy Covers. Barcode and spine labels are placed on the books before the covers. After almost 50 years in library work and repairing books, I've found that premending with KAPCO prevents needed repair. KAPCO all of your paperbacks.
Eva Nell Hunter
Central Baptist Church, Decatur AL

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