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Case History 4 VHB

Successful method of processing (slitting & die-cutting) 3M™ 4926 and 4991 VHB™ tapes for an appliance manufacturer.

- Parts must remove from common liner without error to facilitate assembly.
- Parts must be supplied (preferably in rolls) with an extended top liner on two opposite ends.
- Tape must be able to withstand high temperatures associated with gas and/or electric ranges.
- Parts needed in 6 different sizes from 1.00" x 4.375” to .375" x 13.50".
- Tape must be UL approved.

Kapco began working on this customer’s challenges by confirming that both 3M 4926 and 4991 VHB tapes meet the UL requirements. However, only the 4926 did so Kapco worked closely with engineer’s at both 3M and the appliance manufacturer to gain the approval of 4991 for the application.

Kapco’s next step was to resolve the issue of the 3M 4926 and 4991 liners’ initial tight release--inherent with these products. Kapco succeeded by designing a unique unwind and delamination process. Then Kapco added a new top liner compatible with the VHB adhesive system to ensure clean removability during the assembly operation. The tape was then rotary die-cut into parts on a roll with a 6" diameter core to avoid distortion.

By use of another proprietary method of converting, Kapco was able to eliminate the traditional matrix and convert the VHB with virtually no scrap. This method reduces material cost approximately 15 to 30% depending on the part size.

The narrow widths of some of the parts also created some difficulties when die-cutting. Kapco’s experience with converting VHB products once again provided the solution and prevented excessive scrap.

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